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While the sign and degree of each angle are important, the angles also divide the circle of the horoscope into hemispheres and quadrants, which can reveal a lot about an individual.

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Each of the four quadrants contains three of the astrological houses, completing the frame of the horoscope. When you draw a line from the Asc to the Dec, the upper half of the circle is the southern hemisphere, and the lower half is the northern hemisphere. The quadrants are numbered in a clockwise direction. Each is associated with a particular area of focus. They are where the action happens.

Sagittarius Symbol, Planet, Element and Quality

Every truly significant happening in your life has involved a transit to one of these four angles. Whether the transit will be jolting, inspiring, depressing or joyful, etc.

I want to know everything about my natal chart

Professional astrologers always ask the client for their time of birth, and too often they get answers such as: "I was born between 5 and 6 am. And most likely this will change the degree on the MC and therefore the degree on the IC, as well as many if not all degrees on the house cusps.

Sagittarius (astrology)

Yes, having an accurate time of birth is very important in natal astrology and forecasting. Your browser does not support the video tag. All Rights Reserved. Sagittarian energy will make the native a traveler through love, seeing his experiences as a long journey — without even some concrete goal or ending. This placement will create a hunter for new experiences considering affection, who cannot stand stability or boredom in these life areas.

His heart is a bohemian nomad, eager to always…. The Ascendant or Rising sign is the name given to the sign on the eastern horizon during the time of birth of an individual. Having a Sagittarius Ascendant means that during your birth, the sign of Sagittarius was rising from above the ground, the same way that the Sun rises.

Jupiter is considered the most benefic planet, and thus having it as your chart ruler definitely gives you a boost of luck and protection. Thus, you should also examine the condition of your natal Jupiter when referring to your Ascendant.

Aries and Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility – Nature and Nuances

Our Rising Sign is a very important astrological parameter, even though many theories are proposed by different astrologers and astrological systems. When a person has his natal Mercury in Sagittarius, it is considered in detriment and thus in its lowest potency.

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  • Sagittarius is located directly opposite of the sign of Gemini, where Mercury is at domicile. The other sign where the planet is also in detriment is Pisces, where Mercury has its point of fall too. Mercury in Sagittarius is a rather impractical placement to have in a natal chart, as the expansive traits of Sagittarius are not helping the planet focus and instead make its energies scattered. On the other hand, Mercury placed here can be rather fun for the native, who will even consciously prefer not to be serious in his ways of thought.

    Beyoncé & JAY-Z's Astrological Compatibility Is Unusual, But Here's Why It Works

    Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and has Jupiter as its ruling planet. When a person has his natal Moon in Sagittarius, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that the Moon represents in his chart. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and has the grand benefic, Jupiter, as its ruling planet.

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