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You can also buy one of the versions of the software to install on your own server, see Formulas and prices for more information. - Open Source Astrology for Linux

These sites are adapted for enthusiasts or professionals. You can create charts on your tablet or smart phone, and since the charts are stored automatically on the server, you can view them later at home using a Mac, Windows PC or even Linux. No need to buy software for each computer. Download now from this link! Download AstroMart astrology software for PC. Astromart astrology software for internet and PC. Free online astrology birth chart. Download astrology software.

Give online exams in a secure web based exam client. The Torah in the following languages. Also includes Gamatria Values and Kabalistic Astrology.

Astro Gold Astrology App for iOS and Android Devices

It will not run on some systems. The reason is that the compilation is too old You will need to recompile To have interpretations, you need to write your own interpretations or edit a text file with it. I can't distribute interpretatrions due to copyright laws. Many charts and options. It has some features mostly of interest to those trying to learn Jyotish. Modern, nice software for astrologers. Contains different views of horoscope: classical chart, planets view and plain text.

Astrology Software Online!

Provides detail information about each element of horoscope. Uses 9 house systems, over 40 aspects for horoscope calculation, tropical and sidereal sign and much more. Graphing System with a C language interface. Astrology program as sample, many others.


Uses Qt to do the actual graphics. This tool can be useful to plan gardening tasks or to view some astrology informations. This runs on all linux Distributions. Linux Horoscope Command Line Application. CLI application for linux. Linux Astrology application. Astrology for linux. Developed and supported by Prince Annan Koomson. It is developed using libqt4 and Linux and should be portable to all platforms supported by libqt4.

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Astro-Online is a web now widget based astrology program that can be downloaded and installed on any web server. Widgets horoscopes can also be shared through a share button on websites and personal pages no installation necessary.

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This software calculates the planet positions and make symbolon card tables according to the calculated constellation. It can draw the classical circular horoscope also. OpenAstrology is Java based Object-orientated implementation of Astrology. OpenAstrology will provide a platfrom to plug-in in the knowledge of Astrology and the derived solution will be the best real time Astrology solution. Jastrology is an astrology program written in Java using Swiss Ephemeris package. It provides a Swing UI for desktop interactive, and this package can also be used in an J2EE web application to produce dynamic horoscope diagrams.

This is an open source implementation of old chinese astrology. The idea is allow people who has interested a tools to learn the art. MetaWB provides both metaphysical applications and a platform on which to develop these applications. The first applications are astrology and IChing. PsyPlan open-source astrology publisher. Popular personal appointment book planner, diary, calendar, daily horoscope.

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  6. Ephemeris calculation engine, interpretations, complete system. Hardware independent. Shiatsuka helps naturopathic to store infos relatively to his customers, treatments, appointments, obtaining stats from stored data, etc. I started thinking to shiatsu, but my intent is to add functionality like Bach's flowers, astrology and so on. Astrolator stands for a Astrological Calculator. We are trying to create a scientific astrological program which purpose is to help the students of astrology with the calculations.